Computers I have ever used

I have used, installed OS on, programmed, disassembled/assembled the following hardware:
1987Elektronika B3-34-
1988-91Elektronika MK-61-
1989Pravetz-16SPS-DOS 3.3
1989-91ISKRA 1030Alpha DOS
1992Norsk Data ND-500Sintran III
1993-94Noname i286MS-DOS
1994-95Noname i386SCO UNIX, Linux, MS-DOS, Windows 3.11
1995Noname i486Linux, MS-DOS, Windows 3.11, 95
1995-96Sparc Station 1Linux configured as X Terminal
1995-97Sparc ClassicSolaris, Linux
1995-09Sparc Station 4Solaris
1995-02Sparc Station 5Solaris, Linux
1995-05Sparc Server 1000Solaris
1996-00Noname i586Linux, Windows 95, 98
1998-02Noname AlphaLinux
1998-03Sun Enterprise 450Solaris
1999-12Noname Pentium IIILinux
2002-13Sun Fire V480Solaris
2002-11Sun Blade 2000Solaris
2003-12Noname AthlonLinux, Windows XP
2006-17Noname Core2Duo Linux, RouterOS
2012-17Sun Fire X4270m2Oracle Linux
2012-17Noname i3, i5Linux, RouterOS
2018-Noname i5Linux, Windows7