Alexander V. Lukyanov

Born on Febriary 17, 1975, in Yaroslavl.

Learned at Yaroslavl common school #2 during 1982-1992.

Learned at Computer Science Department of Yaroslavl State University during 1992-1997. Finished with the Red diploma and got qualification of "Mathematician/System programmer".

I've got PhD of Physical and Mathematical Sciences in 2000. My thesis is "A study of neural-like networks, operating with an average value of the stochastic flow" (thesis abstract).

Currently I work as UNIX (Solaris/Linux) and network administrator, perl/Java/PL-SQL programmer, Oracle/MySQL DBA in Yaroslavl State University's Internet Center and NETIS Telecom. I also work at Yaroslavl Regional Cisco Academy as instructor. I have a valid CCNP certification.

Currently I live in Yaroslavl, Russia.

I'm married and have a daughter and a son.